S102: Journal Club: Division of Labor

We discuss division of household and work labor as it relates to our lives as AcaDames. Jumping off from an article in Harper’s Bazaar, we parse between the emotional labor associated with managing the feelings (of the men in our lives in particular) and the invisible labor associated with, for example, managing schedules of loved ones. We discuss our experiences in the context of academic institutions that were built with men in mind who have support systems comprised of women (e.g., a stay-at-home wives). We consider the implications of this conventional model of academic home-life for those who are in same-sex partnerships or single. Finally, we propose potential solutions (however problematic): outsourcing labor, changing norms around division of labor, and toeing the line between the efficiency of assuming household roles and the risks of being pigeonholed into them.

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Recorded: November, 23, 2018

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